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Salesforce solution architecture

Let your users love Salesforce!  Architecture done right maps your business processes to a data model, user interface and automation.  Then that makes work easy and effective for sales, support and operations.

CRM can be a competitive advantage, making customers happier and staff more efficient.  Don't just use Salesforce as a place to store data, instead leverage the rich data relationships, easy automation and secure self-service of Salesforce to improve customers' experience and streamline manual work.  Snowytree LLC specializes in consolidating and arranging customer data to fit business processes, then developing solutions that use the data. 

And the more you store in CRM the broader the solution can be.  With Salesforce you can run sales and support data from a single system, which makes things easier for your associates and your customers, too.

Whether we're standing up a new org or updating an existing one, we
- understand your business and what you do
- define a data architecture to meet your requirements
- develop a road map and schedule to implement the architecture
- manage the implementation, including any coding and deployment
- do the change management needed to ensure your team quickly benefits from improvements


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