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Salesforce solution architecture

Make your customers happier with Salesforce!  Don't just use Salesforce as a place to store data, instead leverage the rich data relationships, easy automation and straightforward integration that Salesforce provides to improve your customers' experience. 

Snowytree LLC specializes in consolidating and arranging data to make your organization more efficient, then developing solutions based on the data.  We can help you track the things that are important to your business, automate repetitive tasks and update processes to be more efficient.  

Make work easier for all associates by doing everything in one system.  When Salesforce is your single source of customer data you can set it up so any associate can effectively help or sell to any customer.  For example, don't use a separate trouble ticking system, use Service Cloud so all a customer's support history is easily available.

To update your system we

- understand your business and what needs to change in your system

- define a data architecture to meet your requirements

- develop a roadmap and schedule to implement the architecture

- manage the implementation, including any software development and deployment

- do the change management needed to ensure your team quickly benefits from changes

This Trailhead is a good introduction to what you can do with Salesforce.