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Communications Platform as a Service

Communications Platform as a Service, CPaaS, adds communication by voice or text to your business workflows.  Snowytree uses the Vonage CPaaS APIs to add automated texting and calls from Salesforce.  With CPaaS you can automatically remind, notify or query your customers and prospects.  According to Gartner, 90 percent of businesses will use CPaaS by 2026.

CPaaS can allow you to automatically

  • Confirm appointments

    • Text or call people according to their preference and allow them to confirm, reschedule or cancel an appointment.  If they want to reschedule, that can be done through a text conversation or over the phone.

  • Send product notifications

    • Notify people that their package has been shipped, their work is finished or their product is due for maintenance.  

  • Increase security

    • Send license or authentication codes

  • Get customer feedback

    • Ask people about their preferences 

Both texting and calling can be done from Flows in Salesforce.

Get full reporting in Salesforce about what’s being done automatically and how customers and prospects are responding.


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