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Snowytree can update your Salesforce org to remove friction and add power.  

Friction in Salesforce can appear in many ways, like manual processes that are complicated or confusing, pages that have too many required fields, or buttons that are visible when they shouldn't be.  Streamlining these situations reduces friction and lets users get more done.

Automation adds power to Salesforce, whether it’s making a manual processes automatic, guiding a user through a complicated interaction or pulling in data from another system.

Snowytree offers Salesforce admin, development and architecture services.  We’re good with data architecture, user interface design, Flows, triggers and APIs, and every project we do includes reports and dashboards to give you visibility into what’s happening in Salesforce.  We can fix things, develop new capabilities or just fill in when you need some extra help. 

Please get in touch if you'd like to find out what Snowytree can do for you,


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